Coach Taylor Jannsen

Following his collegiate basketball career at Carroll University in 2011, Coach Taylor Jannsen started PerformanceMax Basketball Training where he has since worked with numerous athletes ranging from 3rd grade up to the professional ranks. Coach Jannsen works with players in individual, small group, team, and camp settings. He has conducted sessions across the state of Wisconsin and into Illinois and Iowa. In addition to player development for individuals and teams, Coach Jannsen has over ten years of head coaching experience in both boys and girls AAU organizations. Outside of basketball, Coach Jannsen has authored two published books and has conducted public speaking engagements for schools, charitable organizations, small and large businesses.


Many coaches and players have a great understanding of the game of basketball; very few have the ability to connect to a player on an individual level to help them reach his or her maximum potential. Taylor possesses an innate ability to influence all ages of children and young adults, not only in the game of basketball, but also in his or her personal life, by combining an infinite knowledge of the game with unwavering passion, work ethic and intensity. Taylor is excellent at motivating, and is constantly researching and learning new and better techniques to make him a more effective mentor.  I have no doubt the next session you have with Taylor will be his best session as a mentor, and I know I will continue to recommend Taylor as a mentor for all of the players that I coach. Joe Czechowicz

Former Player @ UWM, Assistant Coach Pewaukee

Taylor’s communications skills and attention to details, the little things, sets him apart from others that might be re-creating a “work-out” that they read in a book. Taylor assesses the individual athlete, analyzes those fundamental skills needed for your athlete and their sport, and then structures training programs with skill specific movements.  His vast basketball knowledge allows him to teach and correct the skill specific action while pushing the athlete to improve. Jay Guidinger

3-Time NAIA All-American, NBA Cleveland Cavaliers 1992-94

“Taylor was not always the fastest, quickest, or best shooting player I was around, but being the tireless worker that he was, he made himself into one of the most well-rounded and reliable players I had the fortune of playing with. Taylor always had a great understanding of basketball and saw certain aspects of the game that oftentimes go unnoticed by others. I made it an emphasis of mine to always ask Taylor what he saw during a game/practice because I trusted his knowledge and knew he could help me in a number of different ways.”  John Hoch

Former NCAA All-American, Assistant Varsity Coach @ Arrowhead HS