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Many people are under the impression that individual instruction is not only the best way, but often times the only way to improve. To be completely honest with you, it it is very easy to make a player look good in an individual session with no defense and no decisions. Games are played with multiple reactions and decisions, so the main problem with individual workouts is that they often lack context. Furthermore, it’s easy for a player to improve quickly through a few repetitions when doing an individual drill (an example would be dribbling two basketballs or dribbling through a series of cones). Lastly, it is easy to make a workout hard and make a player sweat. Our objective at PerformanceMax is to help maximize game performance, not make players better against air or make them sweat just to sweat. As it pertains to shooting, we do believe there are benefits to individualized training, and have carefully designed a program based upon this, but if you are looking for total player development, I highly encourage you to check out our skills academies which feature individual decision-making training, concept breakdowns, and small-sided games.

Individual Shooting Instruction

The only type of session we offer for individual training is shooting instruction. We believe shooting to be a highly individualized skill that often times needs individual breakdown out of a game context. This program helps players refine, correct, or completely retool their shooting technique. A minimum of five 50 minute sessions is required to participate in this program. The entire session will be dedicated to shooting and maximizing efficiency in movement patterns that relate to shooting.

Private Group Instruction

Parents and players can set up their own private groups to have our staff take the players through individual decision-making training, concept breakdowns, and small-sided games such as 1 v 1, 2 v 2, and 3 v 3. On occasion, we are able to supply the facility, but also have worked out arrangements where we travel to a facility closest to you as well. Group sizes typically range from 4-10 players.

We also offer team and program-wide instruction for coaches and directors looking to set up their own private workouts to enhance player development in the off-season as well as during the season. We work closely with the coaches and directors to create a program that addresses the needs of your players.

For other group training options offered by PMax Basketball, check out our Skills Academies.

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