As the high school season has now concluded, many players will switch gears into AAU and gameplay. The great players will switch gears into AAU as a supplement to go along with skills & strength work. Here are five thoughts for your off-season skills workouts:

1.) Warm-Up

-Start with stationary shooting & ball handling.. Get a feel for your shot and a feel for the ball. This shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes but should get you sweating and acclimated with the ball in your hands.

2.) Game Shots @ Game Speeds

-Meet with your coach or simply use your knowledge of the offense you run and the shots you will be getting. Re-create those shots and situations in your workouts. “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” This should make-up 60-70% of your shooting routine each time you come into the gym.

3.) Use Your Imagination

-Work on adding scoring moves to your game. Visualize situations or watch film on great players, try to emulate moves from their arsenal. It is important to practice shots within your system, but all coaches love players who can score when the offense breaks down. Players need to have an imagination in their workouts and learn to create a shot. If you have a partner (next tip), play 1 on 1 . 1 on 1 is a great way to work on creating a shot & to improve scoring moves.

4.) Have a Partner

-Anytime you can bring a partner to the gym, do it! With the use of chairs or a shooting machine, it is possible to create a very game-like shooting, scoring, and ball-handling workout, but nothing beats having a partner passing the basketball to simulate game-like situations. Having a partner during your workout also allows for 1 on 1 play as well as gives both players an extra boost and sense of motivation.

5.) Get In, Go Hard, Get Out!

-You are not on your grind if you are in the gym for 4+ hours and checking your phone and posting videos within that time. Set aside an hour, go as hard as you can, & avoid any distractions that will prevent you from creating an efficient workout. I tell players all the time, I don’t care how long you were in the gym for, I care about what you did while you were in the gym!