Live to a Standard. Build Skill. Understand Space.

The methods and strategies we use to develop players are important, but they are secondary to the environment we create for our players. In each session we conduct, we strive to foster an environment in which players are operating with the absence of fear, worry, and tension. Rather than limit, we want to liberate players. We aren’t practicing to avoid mistakes, we are practicing to enhance possibilities. This type of environment is created through connection, feedback, and patience. At PMax Basketball, we are firm believers that athletes don’t start by following the knowledge of a coach; they follow the person first.

On the court, our goal at PMax Basketball is to help create versatile, offensive-minded players who thrive in the chaos of the game. The methods and strategies we use all center around this mission. We believe that players must be able to couple an action (shoot, pass, dribble) with a decision in order to truly possess a skill. While isolated practice (1 v 0) certainly has a place in our curriculum to enhance efficiency in movement patterns and introduce new concepts, we feel strongly that players must be exposed to the interactions and context seen in a live game. The primary method we use to player development is what we would consider a games-approach. A games-approach adds decisions and defense to better incorporate the coupling of an action and a decision. The art of this approach comes from understanding when to modify rules and increase or decrease context to help elicit the learning we are looking for. Above all, players have fun playing the game, which in turn increases motivation and helps develop passion for the game of basketball.

Don’t hesitate to check out our blog for more information on theories and explanations as it relates to our training philosophy.