Program Development

One of the most important forms of player development comes through coach development. A coach not only can aid in enhancing a players’ skills and understanding of the game, but through the environment in which they create, can also be a primary inspiration to helping players find joy within the game of basketball.

Practice Enhancement 

All coaches are searching for ways to develop their players in an engaging manner while maximizing their limited time. This is not a small task and can present numerous challenges. Taylor Jannsen of PMax Basketball offers a service to coaches and programs to guide and help with developing practices that are not only efficient and productive, but most importantly, enjoyable for players. Practices don’t need to be a “grind” for players nor should they be for coaches. 

While many coaches are in a constant search for more drills, we don’t believe most coaches need more drills and that will not be the objective of our time. Our approach is simple in nature, but will challenge the way you think about practice and help you design and implement your own best strategies for your team moving forward. We also can and have conducted practice sessions with a more focused approach on a singular skill such as shooting, finishing, handling pressure, etc. Please contact Taylor to inquire about scheduling and cost information. 

Offense Implementation 

If you’re a coach who isn’t sure what offense to run or how to best go about implementing an offense for your team, PMax Basketball can help. We work with coaches and go over a strategic layout to help coaches install an offense for their teams and/or programs of any age and ability. This service can be tailored to your program and what you already do or we can help you start from scratch with our Conceptual Offense that has been tweaked and refined over several years of coaching at various levels. Please contact Taylor to inquire about scheduling and cost. 

Private Coaching Clinic

If you’re looking for a unique way to help stimulate thought or further develop coaches in your program, PMax Basketball conducts private coaching clinics on practice enhancement, offensive implementation, and offensive skill development. We also willingly work with program directors and coaches should they have a specific topic they would the clinic to be centered around.