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Our skills academies give players an opportunity to train in small group settings to help maximize player development. For most, just playing 5 v 5 will not expose them to enough repetitions in a game context to allow improvement over time. On the flip side, just training 1 v 0 will not create a context that is conducive for player improvement in games. Skills academies feature individual decision-making training, concept breakdowns, along with small-sided games such as 1 v 1, 2 v 2, and 3 v 3. In doing so, players receive the repetitions necessary to allow improvement and they do so in a context that resembles live game play.


We essentially break the year into seasons and give players multiple days to come in and work with us at varying locations across SE Wisconsin. The amount of sessions offered per week will vary based on the season, but there are typically 1-3 sessions offered per week.


Before signing up for sessions, parents or players are asked to please email Taylor at to notify him of the sessions they will be attending. Once they have notified Taylor and he approves the players’ attendance, they can register and pay for the sessions online. This is designed so that no session exceeds the cap.

Group Breakdown:

Groups are broken down by age and ability and have a cap on each session to maximize the individual attention that each player receives. Here is the overview on what each group will cover:

Girls 7th-12th Grade: The girls 7th-12th grade group will consist of a combination of conceptual breakdowns, small-sided games, as well as a 15-minute movement breakdown designed to increase hip stability, ankle mobility, and core strength. Each player signing up for a package of session will receive the PMax Individual Player Development Guide.

Boys 5th-8th Grade: Boys in this group will go through technical skill breakdown in a progressive manner that will culminate in small-sided game play. Players will also learn how to maximize and increase efficiency in their own individual workouts. Each player signing up for a package of session will receive the PMax Individual Player Development Guide.

Boys HS & College: The players in this group will go through advanced technical skill breakdowns in addition to small-sided game play. Players will learn advanced moves, learn how to play off of ball screens, pin-downs, and be put into situations to enhance decision-making in live game play. Additionally, players will go through 15 minutes to improve athleticism and functional movement. Each player signing up for a package of session will receive the PMax Individual Player Development Guide.

Shoot the Rock Boys & Girls 7th-12 Grade: This session is specifically designed for players to improve or hone their shooting. We take players through technical breakdowns and reinforce important mechanics as it pertains to footwork, follow-throughs, and rhythm. Every player signing up for a package will receive an individual shooting chart along with a overview of partner shooting drills they can perform in their own workouts.

Visit here to view our skills academy schedule for the current season.

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If you have further questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the coaching staff by completing and submitting the form.

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