Training Philosophy

I’ve always had a passion for player development and human performance, I was constantly seeking ways to improve during my career. Naturally, I immediately started PerformanceMax Basketball in 2011 following my fourth and final year of collegiate basketball. Since then, I have carefully observed, studied, and experimented with numerous approaches to basketball player development. Within this time, I have discovered many items that I believe are essential in maximizing performance, and on the flip-side many things that are a complete waste of time. The approach PerformanceMax Basketball takes to player development isn’t the status quo, it is not always the flashiest or the prettiest, but it is the one that I feel is most conducive to players learning the game of basketball. Our programs are built on imagination, creativity, and decision-making, which are all the things needed to excel in live games. If you are looking for an environment that will force you to become uncomfortable and learn to improve game performance, check out the programs we have to offer today!

-Taylor Jannsen

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